Machine Monitoring System

In machine monitoring system, machine state send to cloud, User can monitor different machine’s state through web portal.


A device consists of many peripherals in which firstly a desktop application is designed to check gauges by matching the templates through Image processing. Secondly degauss the gauges to calibrate through deflecting through motor controlled by inverter. Finally data send to the cloud and plot the data on the graph.


Device is designed to get each cycle time from Admill CNC machine, save each cycle time in memory storage device after it device data transmitted to local server via Wi-Fi. Data received in local database and then synced it to cloud. Device is also measuring the machine health in terms of Temperature, Current and Power. Which is transmitted to the local server, for alarm generation and graph plotting. Website is developed to give the graphical interface by plotting the data received on the local server, which display each data of machine in tabular and graphical form. The server is embedded with GSM to send the SMS in a specific condition. Application consists of graphical interface of each switch sequentially. Worker need to apply the switch in that sequence to pass the test. If a switch works, an indication is generated. If a wrong input is placed, an alarm is generated.


A testing unit to check lever combinational switch on the final stage. The unit consists of some hardware taking the inputs from the work piece. The inputs are transmitted to the desktop with the running desktop application.

Air Leak Tester

It is a testing device. It takes inputs from brake cylinder through microcontroller and controls pneumatics. Also develop an android application which displays the output of cycle time, pressure & OK/NG Counts.